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Green Cell Technologies® has recently released its Rooibos tea extract that has been clinically proven to contain 9000 H-Orac’s per gram. The RDA as proven in a recently released paper by Cape Peninsula University of Technology Anti-Oxidant Research laboratory is 21,000 per day. Given that GCT® has successfully reduced Rooibos to a water soluble powder, relieving the body of free radicals is then only 6 cups away.

It must be remembered that it is not in a human body’s interest to take more than about 3500 H-Orac at any one time and it only lasts for about an hour so it must be spaced over the day in order to be effective, therefore 1 cup at breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, supper and just before bed will be effective. Currently a single cup of standard Rooibos tea will only provide 500 H-Orac’s which will mean 42 cups of Rooibos every day; Green Tea currently recognized as the highest H-Orac is now superseded by DCD® Red Rooibos).

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  1. Roy Henderson Reply

    This has taken on an additional avenue of focus in that there are extracts produced that show 90+% phenolics but less ORAC value than one of our 40% phenolic extracts. Initial trials have shown that some extractions have been adulterated with harmful compounds that increase the phenolic reading but not the nutritional or health benefit. We will go to press as soon as our investogation is complete.

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