Through the use of GCT’s® patented process, Dynamic Cellular Disruption® (DCD®), we are able to isolate certain ‘actives’ as required and reduce them to molecular level, without the need for harmful heat or chemical intervention. This therefore, does not alter or denature the molecular make-up of the original cell content.

Further, the use of the DCD® process ensures that Green Cell Technologies® is able to stabilise the ‘active’ and preserve its integrity and nutritional values.
Extracting and reducing to a nano level allows GCT® to produce other products aside from the traditional pill/tablet format. These include but are not limited to; water soluble powders or in a water disbursable format for use in smoothies; bars; creams; juices etc.


However, GCT® would strongly bring to the readers’ attention that isolating certain ‘actives’ is not always the answer. Our studies have shown that it is generally, the sum of the parts in the particular natural material, that produces the greatest results.

Take Hoodia Gordonii for example:-
The ‘active’ ingredient is P57 – isolated and patented by the CSIR and which is well known as an appetite suppressant. However, Hoodia Gordonii in its entirety, has many other excellent properties aside from P57, which in recent trials, have seen a balancing of blood sugars, a regulation of bowel habits, better sleeping patterns, more alert and focused attention, to name just a few.

GCT® is primarily an IP company that will negotiate with various produces for the licensing rights use GCT®’s IP.

GCT’s in-house research and development team also work in partnership with a number of leading universities and is at the forefront of extract technology.

We would also strongly stress the ethical nature of this organisation – we work in strict confidence with all our partners who have all signed non-disclosure and non-circumvention documentation, as the DCD® process is very desirable.

Our Vision

  • GCT® wants to evolve into a world leader in organic material active extraction and educate the world about the benefits of its use at an affordable cost to everyone.
  • We want to use the IP to improve food production with no waste and ensure that no one goes hungry and that the earth is not harmed in the process. GCT® wants to improve overall health and wellness whilst protecting and sustaining communities and the environment.

Our Mission

  • To provide the IP for the production of pure and quality nutritional supplements that are affordable, accessible and that effectively perform the task they have been designed to do.
  • To continue to evolve our technology to seek cost effective and non-denaturing solutions to isolating and extracting active ingredients from organic materials to provide better, higher quality and more effective products than are currently available in the market, in as few steps as possible.
  • GCT® wants to improve the overall health of the earth through providing licensed IP for producing non harmful commodities.
  • To de-mystify the supplementation market.