Human Solutions

Our Human Solutions division focuses on four main areas:-


– Sports and general health nutrition where we can provide lincesed IP for the extraction of actives or formulations. Our R&D department in conjunction with our research partners ensure that we are abreast of the latest trends and in some instances ahead, being that we are constantly working on new products and assessing global needs.


– GCT® uses its vast knowledge, experience and IP to produce more effective natural extracts for use in medicines, working with a number of renowned global brands. It currently has products for use in combating Malaria, significantly boosting health and “fightability” in immune compromised patients – HIV/Aids management that will not contra-indicate with traditional Malaria and TB treatments that significantly enhance the immune system – naturally – obviating the negative side effects of ARV’s over time and to the extent where it may be possible to stop chemical intervention. (This is not quackery and we are more than prepared to substantiate this.) as well as, cardiovascular, blood pressure stabilization, and more…


– Applicable extracts derived from the DCD® process can be easily used and adapted for advanced care lotions and potions (for external use) that are again, NATURAL. Because of the nano quality of the molecules derived from the process, the active is absorbed into the skin and penetrates the dermis readily and effortlessly.

Food & Beverage

– GCT® has revolutionized the food and beverage industry by supplying DCD® extracted molecules and actives to producers. For example, we can use whole fruit (skin and all) and through our process produce fruit juices that retain 100% of the goodness from the original fruit and a higher yield as there is no waste. There is little or no residue as the material is reduced to molecular level. The process is also cost effective, reducing cost of finished product making this more profitable or affordable. The lack of waste, reduces negative impact on the environment. The same can apply to any food stuff including vegetables, meat and fish which can also be in powder form, thus providing easier methods of nutrition to the world’s starving population with no harmful preservatives necessary.