Green Cell Technologies®, works with a number of SANAS accredited laboratories, organizations and universities where every single batch is independently tested and certified and this can and will be substantiated.

We are all too aware of fake products and those with insufficient active quantities as well as falsified certificates of analysis, flooding the markets today. We wish to assure that this will not happen with GCT® as we have put stringent controls and quality assurance procedures in place. We will not work with companies/partners that do not reflect the same ethical values and work philosophy by which we abide.


Cape Peninsula University of Technology

GCT® works with the Anitoxidant Research Unit (oxidative stress research) at CPUT. Together with the CPUT team, the GCT® R&D department has measured the actives, polyphenol and anti-oxidant values of all current DCD® materials verifying that each individual plant material used by GCT® is 100% pure original source material.


University of Cape Town

Certification of certain materials used by GCT® through the Department of Bio-Chemistry.


Perishable Products Export Control Board

To quantify aflotoxin levels and ensure products are 100% useable and safe. We adhere to all regulations set down by world standards.


Swift Laboratories

All microbiological research, testing and certification on our products.

Microchem Laboratories

Heavy metal toxin screening and testing of all DCD® processed materials.


They are the world patent holder in orac measurement and they are used to verify when GCT measurements are challenged.


Hershaw & Kinnes

All pesticide and industrial cleaning solution residue measurement.


SGS South Africa

SGS is a globally recognised and certificated laboratory that can measure many attributes across the spectrum that GCT® uses for general work but also with international clients when they are unsure of local accreditations.


Absolute Science

Absolute ate a general SANAS laboratory that is used to prove the particulate size of insoluble fibre once processed through the Disruptor™


Facts Foods

FACTS are a food specific company that has credibility in assisting with allergen and credibility of formulation that GCT® uses to verify any new formulation in the pharmaceutical, nutriceutical and cosmoceutical industries.


Food and drug administration

The FDA accreditation the we enjoy allows us to bring samples and products into the USA with high levels of trust and credibility.


University of Stellenbosch

Certification of certain materials used by GCT® through the Department of Bio-Chemistry.


University of Western Cape

Certification of certain materials used by GCT® through the Department of Bio-Chemistry.



VinLab is used by GCT® to show efficacy when processing grapes for wine trial.