DCD Disruptor

Video demonstration of the DCD process and Disruptor technology at work in centre of excellence. Here, whole oranges are being disrupted – skin, pith, flesh and seeds. Contact us for trials on products or talk to us about purchasing the technology.


DCD explained

What is Dynamic Cellular Disruption® (DCD®)?

The Dynamic Cellular Disruption® (DCD®) process is a patented, revolutionary, non-chemical, non harmful heat extraction method using up to 18 proprietary steps, whereby all organic material is reduced to molecular level and can be used in a variety of applications.

Why develop it and How does it work?

DCD® increases yields and actives from the material. The science has proven with DCD® that you increase the actives levels and yields from organic materials.

Lycopene - 2000% improvement against industry norm
Hoodia - up to 2185% improvement against industry norm
5 HTP - only non chemical 99.9% pure extract
Rooibos - 9,000 H-Orac anti oxidant per gramn Rooibos
Wattle - 65-70% pure tannin/polyphenol extract per gram

Benefits of DCD®

Cost effective

Preserves integrity of the plant material

99.999998% of the ``actives`` are bio-available (promoting increased absorption) to the body.

How can DCD® help you?

DCD® can be used to extract ANY active molecule from any natural ingredient.

Thinking of a new diet pill? Face cream? Cellulite gel? Flavoured water? Foodstuff? Health product? Medicinal product? Biofuel extraction? etc...

Can help you by formulating to your specific requirements and extracting any molecule you desire.

“Let your food be your medicine, and medicine be your food”




Green Cell Technologies® is cultivating and growing targeted micro-organisms fed on extracted DCD® molecules, which can be ploughed back into the soil to improve the overall quality of the earth.

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Human Solutions

– Sports and general health nutrition where we can provide licensed IP for the extraction of actives or formulations. Our R&D department in conjunction with our research...

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A word from Roy

“If human, earth and energy 'fuel' continue to be controlled by capitalism, then we need a solution to produce these from renewable sources, at a cost so attractive, that it will convince the capitalist to adopt this solution and continue to make money, but where their by-product is actually ‘saving our planet’”

boldly stated by Chief Executive Officer Roy W Henderson
boldly stated by Chief Executive Officer Roy W Henderson