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Green Cell Technologies® has recently released its Rooibos tea extract that has been clinically proven to contain 9000 H-Orac’s per gram. The RDA as proven in a recently released paper by Cape Peninsula University of Technology Anti-Oxidant Research laboratory is 21,000 per day. Given that GCT® has successfully reduced Rooibos to a water soluble powder, relieving the body of free radicals is then only 6 cups away.

It must be remembered that it is not in a human body’s interest to take more than about 3500 H-Orac at any one time and it only lasts for about an hour so it must be spaced over the day in order to be effective, therefore 1 cup at breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, supper and just before bed will be effective. Currently a single cup of standard Rooibos tea will only provide 500 H-Orac’s which will mean 42 cups of Rooibos every day; Green Tea currently recognized as the highest H-Orac is now superseded by DCD® Red Rooibos).

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