Free Radicals beware – Green Cell Technologies has produced worlds first ‘1 million H-ORAC’ Value Extract

Free Radicals beware – Green Cell Technologies® has produced worlds first ‘1 million H-ORAC’ Value Extract

Cape Town, 21 March 2012: , Green Cell Technologies® (GCT) announces today that it has successfully extracted a standardized and fully stabilized Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value from Green tea and Rooibos tea in a ratio of up to 1,700,000 H-ORACS per 100g. These are the highest known commercially extracted H-ORAC values from any plant material in the world.

At a time when people are exposed to greater and greater stress, it has been proved that the human body requires in excess of 20 000 H-ORACs per day to conquer or control the effects of constant strain and exposure to free radicals (SOURCE:  Peer reviewed studies conducted by Cape Peninsular University of Technology, South Africa).

This demand, together with the growing awareness of health properties in plants (such as ORAC value and Polyphenol content), and the prevailing global inconsistency in the quality of batches of tea, has led GCT to develop pure, high H-ORAC extracts in both green tea and the uniquely South African and highly popular tea, Rooibos (Red Bush).  This was done with the aim of consistently providing to market, the necessary values of H-ORAC in easily consumed, quick and effective formats to support the body’s daily H-ORAC needs.

The problem comes when certificates of analysis (COAs) do not match the content of the product.  For example, when tested by university laboratories in South Africa as part of the GCT standard analysis procedure, a typical COA that claims a 95% green tea extract, ,showed the actual polyphenols of these samples varied from 64% – 88% with an average H-ORAC value ranging between 4,500 and 7,000 per gram (which equals 450,000 – 700,000 H-ORACS per 100g).  These values are dramatically lower than the published COAs and product labels claims.

In light of the current furore unfolding around the world in terms of unsubstantiated product claims and label misinformation, this potentially opens brand owners and retailers up to litigation from irate and disgruntled consumers.

GCT’s Dynamic Cellular Disruption® (DCD®) method maintains consistent production of 200 H-ORACS per 1% polyphenol (50% extract) equaling 1,000,000 ORACS per 100g.  (which equates to 10,000 H-ORACS per gram on a 50% Polyphenol extract and 5,000 H-ORACS per gram at 25%) This is up to 250% greater than any other extract of a similar nature. (Results verified by the Oxidative Research Laboratory at the Cape Peninsular University of Technology).

With its Rooibos tea extracts which are also tannin and caffeine free, GCT through its production partner, Dynamic Extractions and Formulations (DEF), also now produces standardized polyphenol content at a variety of rates (as per client specifications and requirements) such as:
20% Polyphenols = 3,250 H-Oracs – 3,500 H-Oracs per gram
40% Polyphenols = 6,500 H-Oracs – 7,000 H-Orcas per gram
60% Polyphenols = 9,500 H-Oracs – 10,500 H-Oracs per gram.

But the star of the show is undoubtedly the Ultra-Pharma grade, Rooibos and Green tea extracts at up to 17,000 H-ORACS each per gram!  (1,700,000 per 100g with further refinement in the pipeline).

And in addition to their patented extraction methods, GCT has further developed a proprietary mechanism for drying and producing different micron sizes of soluble beadlets.  Coupled with the high purity, high yield and variety of extracts, GCT and DEF can now provide a vast array of options applicable to; the cosmoceutical, functional foods and beverages (including baby & child suitable products), nutriceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

One of the greatest benefits of these new extracts is that suppliers can standardize their offerings (the process is applicable to all teas).  By adding in consistent, standardized, purer extracts, teas can have their H-ORAC value boosted to reach stipulated levels. Meaning, they can actually do some good, as the current reality is that the H-ORAC value per cup of tea is too low to achieve any notable or sustained health benefits.

Aside from being extremely cost effective to produce via the DCD® method, perhaps the most interesting advantage the industry will and should take notice of is that, with the inclusion of DCD® produced extracts in the appropriate quantities, marketing and label claims can now be supported.

Green Cell Technologies® has been invited to present and discuss the benefits of its Dynamic Cellular Disruption process at the upcoming IFW 2012 conference and exhibition in Cologne, which takes place 26 – 30 March 2012. 

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