Sebrium DCD® – Green Cell Technologies® and Molecular Health Technologies Announce Partnership

LEADING biotechnology company, Green Cell Technologies® (GCT®) and US-based Molecular Health Technologies (MHT) have signed an exclusive partnership agreement for MHT to market and distribute Sebrium DCD® – a high-powered and unique Sceletium tortuosum (Sceletium) extract created using next generation technology, Dynamic Cellular Disruption® – in North America and the United Kingdom (UK).

Sebrium DCD® is a quality and affordable natural support for the world’s escalating mental health and opioid dependency dilemma and is available in a powdered extract and liquid format. The excipient-less DCD® Sceletium tortuosum extracts have strengths up to 18% pure total alkaloids – without removing many of the other balancing phytochemistry molecules, but are predominantly standardized to 3% total alkaloids.

David Garner, CEO of Molecular Health Technologies remarked that, “Molecular Health Technologies has a 25-year track record of providing innovative solutions to a broad range of branded clients, and with this partnership agreement on the trademarked Sebrium DCD®, we can now bring a truly effective extract to the market using Disruptor® technology that also has the potential to disrupt the entire extracts industry. 

“In respect of Sebrium DCD®, we have already seen a greater awareness of the higher Entourage Effect Sceletium/Kanna extract as compared to that of competing less potent alkaloid material. This has enabled us to work with a variety of branded companies who are now able to formulate products that have the maximum entourage feeling/outcome using this proprietary and trademarked extract, such as sports companies for pre-workout focus and stress-related pain management as well as weight management companies for less anxiety and overall mood support.”

Marrying the ancient wisdom of nature with modern science and technology and using its Dynamic Cellular Disruption® (DCD®) process and Disruptor® Technology, GCT® has developed a unique process and extraction technique, which requires 50 % less raw materials than any other extraction technology to produce synergistically optimised pure extracts.

The patented technology, together with GCT’s proprietary solvent medium, has now developed a Sceletium tortuosum liquid-grade extract whereby 99.999998% of the available phytochemistry is extracted from the raw material.  The latest extract shows a 12-fold increase on base activity of the raw material, achieving more than 18% pure alkaloids and increased yield in the process.

The DCD® liquid complements the company’s existing Sebrium DCD® powdered extracts already in the market.

Tested in independent SANAS accredited laboratories, the LD50 (lethal dosage) analysis of the DCD® Sceletium extracts, categorically show they are safe for human consumption. The LD 50** was calculated to be 1243mg/day for human consumption, which is more than 48 times the current competing 0.5% dosage of 25mg, as opposed to the 3% total alkaloids purity per day provided for in the DCD® Sceletium extracts (Sebrium DCD®).

The retentate (cake) was tested on HPLC and showed less than 20 parts per billion activity, confirming the efficacy of the extraction having liberated all the alkaloids and other phytochemistry. GCT supplies the remaining ‘cake’ to the construction industry, supporting company net zero and circular economy mandates.

Roy Henderson co-founder and CEO of Green Cell Technologies says: “We are pleased to have this partnership with David Garner and his team at Molecular Health Technologies who have a respected and well-established industry profile, and we both look forward to providing the market with a truly effective extract. This is achieved not only using our patented technology, but also through our efforts to ensure a consistent supply of quality material.”

Balanced Extracts

In 2011, GCT® created its first working prototype of the Disruptor® and the process known as Dynamic Cellular Disruption®, which even then, showed that processing the entire material and not isolating specific actives, would have a better overall beneficial effect for consumers. 

That said, GCT’s DCD® process easily allows for isolated active extraction – as per client led instructions.  Given that the process also does not rely on heat or chemicals, denaturing of the extracts is limited or non-existent.

As noted by Henderson, the consistency in source material is not always present, which is why GCT® has also been at pains to identify a specific high potency genus that contains a full spectrum of alkaloids and one that is consistent, which it has now backward integrated to farmers, who grow under license for GCT’s licensed manufacturers.

The extracts are made in GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000 certified facilities, utilising GCT’s Disruptor® technology, along with the requisite FDA accreditations, as well as bio-prospecting credentials to deal in African botanicals submitted in 2011.

Disruptor Technology at work in GCT’s South African Centre of Excellence

Entourage Effect Sceletium (Kanna) and new Sceletium liquid extracts using novel proprietary solvent medium – no excipients required- brought to market in North America and the UK via strong partnership agreement aimed at helping formulators create meaningful and effective products that help combat a variety of mental health issues.

Key Takeouts:

  • Exclusive partnership for trademarked Sebrium DCD®
  • No excipient required post extract – naturally flowable
  • High purity and wider range
  • Balanced extracts promoting Entourage Effect
  • Greater yields
  • 50% less base source required to attain extracts.
  • Confirmation of no toxicity
  • High uptake of alkaloids*
  • No waste.

* Dossier available on request to

** For the LD 50 report please email

About Sceletium tortuosum

The importance and reputation of Sceletium tortuosum (also known as ‘Kanna’ or ‘Kougoed’) as a natural medicine for anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD management, sleep management, sports nutrition as well as cognitive memory enhancement, is well-documented** and growing globally.  This Southern African endemic ‘opportunistic’ succulent species has been used as a mood elevator for centuries and is one of the oldest known Mesembryanthemoideae in the world.  It is also non-habit forming and has been successfully used in the treatment of addictions.

About Green Cell Technologies

Green Cell Technologies® (GCT®) is a global, triple bottom line 4IR technology innovation company pioneering the future of how organic material (plant and animal) and inorganic material (gold and ceramics) is processed.  The company is headquartered on the Isle of Man with a centre of excellence currently located in South Africa.

GCT markets, sells, distributes, logistically supports, and provides processing solutions for Dynamic Cellular Disruption®, (DCD®) and Disruptor™ Technology.  The company licenses its technology to like-minded partners around the world direct to individual companies and through Regional Exclusive Licensees.  See for more information.

** See PubMed for reports

For all media enquiries, please contact

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