Fruit Juice – to Fibre or Not, that is the Question

Go all the way – A disruptive solution for digestible and nutritious favourites is turning the fruit juice industry on its head

Fruit juice has been a standard on the menu for many households ever since we learnt how to squeeze nature’s bounty and sup on its joyous essence.  Unfortunately for us though, most of this liquid contains very little, if any, nutritional benefit.  Indeed, it could be argued that what we have been consuming has had a negative effect on our systems.  This is certainly true of products that rely on added sugar to bolster their flavour.

The only reason we have squeezed, pressed, or stomped on the fruit is because that was the only way – or so we all thought – in which to extract the juice.  Not knowing any better, we, as consumers, took it for granted that this was as good as it gets, and we simply got on with the business and pleasure of drinking the products at our disposal.

Nutritionists, though, have argued for years that the whole fruit is better for us, and we should be eating our juice instead – skin and all.  They are right.  But, even when eating our fruits, our body doesn’t necessarily process all that available goodness, as it depends entirely on what the bio-availability co-efficient is of each molecule and the body’s ability to process it – we are all different.

If that sounds hard to swallow, then here’s a simpler explanation.

The human body is its own built-in extraction system – bite the apple, chew the apple, it goes through the system and the body takes up what it can.  But the problem is we also tend not to chew properly, and our cells are only taking up a small fraction of the available molecules of the chewed fruit (or vegetable or protein etc that we are eating), the rest of it is excreted.

Now, if we were able to access more of the molecules – as in a whole fruit (or veggie juice), then our body would be able to use all of what it can of what is available to us, as there is simply more that is bioavailable to the body to be taken up by our system.

Thanks to modern advancements in extraction processing technology, this is now possible.

Why fibre matters

Post COVID-19, there has been a boost in wellness awareness amongst consumers and increasingly, what we eat and how it is made (en masse).  Consumers are now driving industry to embrace necessary change to encompass this shift towards healthier, more wholesome options in how they manufacture the foods we consume.

One area where this change is particularly evident is in fruit juices. Traditionally viewed as a convenient source of vitamins and minerals, many fruit juices lacked an essential component: fibre.

Fibre is a crucial component of a healthy diet, yet it’s often overlooked. Found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, fibre plays a vital role in digestive health, weight management, and disease prevention. Despite its importance, many processed foods, including fruit juices, are stripped of fibre during production, leaving consumers with a nutrient-deficient beverage.

However, with the advent of Disruptor® technology, food manufacturers are now revolutionising fruit juice manufacturing, making them not only delicious but also packed with the vital dietary fibre our bodies need.

Fibre has many health benefits that include:

Improved digestive health – adds bulk to stools, promoting regular bowel movements and preventing constipation. Additionally, it feeds beneficial gut bacteria, supporting a healthy microbiome.

Weight management – high-fibre foods help you feel fuller for longer.

Blood sugar control – soluble fibre slows the absorption of sugar, preventing spikes in blood glucose levels.

Heart health – fibre-rich diets have been linked to lower cholesterol levels and a reduced risk of heart disease.

Disruptor® technology transforming fruit juice

Disruptor® technology is a game-changer in the food industry, allowing manufacturers to produce nutrient-dense products that retain their natural integrity. Unlike traditional processing methods that often denature foods, Disruptor technology allows for a process called ‘Dynamic Cellular Disruption®’ (DCD®), that preserves the nutritional value of fruits while enhancing their digestibility.

By utilising this innovative technology and process, food manufacturers can create fruit juices that maintain their fibre content without compromising taste or texture. This means consumers can enjoy the convenience of fruit juices and reap the health benefits of dietary fibre.

The future of fruit juices

With the demand for healthier food options on the rise, the future of fruit juices looks promising. Disruptor technology and DCD enable food manufacturers to meet consumer needs for whole foods that are digestible, complete, and nutritionally rich. By incorporating fibre into fruit juices, they can not only satisfy consumer preferences but also contribute to improved public health.

Health and wellness of humankind and the planet are key agenda items for our combined survival.  Innovations like Disruptor technology and DCD, play a crucial role in shaping the future of the food industry, and the world around us, as not only does whole fruit juice mean better health for consumers, because waste is either majorly minimised or eradicated all together, our earth gets to breathe better too.

In fact, Disruptor technology has been shown to drastically reduce waste across the entire food and beverage manufacturing sector.

So next time you go to buy your carton of fruit juice, check for the DCD Green Leaf crest as to whether your product has chosen to go all in or not.