Green Cell Technologies® gets saucy with chillies

Using its Disruptor™ technology in a unique food processing manner, Biotechnology Company Green Cell Technologies® (GCT®), has formulated a natural non-fermented and raw chilli sauce that avoids the need to ferment the chillies in brine over long periods. This has significant ramifications for the competitive spicy/hot sauce sector, in particular, the rapidly expanding Halal market, which is subject to stringent processes governing compliance.

Traditionally, commercially available chilli style condiments are left ‘to age’ in barrels for a period of time. The chillies are usually steeped in a brine solution, which draws the flavour out. The skins and seeds are subsequently discarded and the remaining solution mixed with vinegar to stop further fermentation. Typically, ageing and the addition of vinegar forms part of a ‘fermentation process wherein lies the potential for controversy over whether these type of sauces are permitted within the Muslim diet.

The ‘Dynamic Cellular Disruption®’ (DCD®) process used within the context of the Disruptor™ series of machines, not only circumvents the necessity for extended time periods to mature these types of sauces and bring them to market, but also adjusts the ratios of any vinegar and brine added which increases the yield for the same amount of raw material.

With DCD, the extraction process is immediate. Whole chillies are used and the cells structures are instantly opened, releasing the active compounds and molecular fibre. This is then taken up into the brine solution, infusing flavour from the get go. Pushing the whole chilli (skin, seeds, stalks and all) through the Disruptor at the same time as the brine solution, produces an immediate RAW chilli sauce ready for consumption (pending any further value add as per manufacturer).

In addition to the enhanced flavour, increased nutritional benefits and immediate availability of the finished product, are the savings, the process has on hard costs such as materials, electricity and on the planet, as there is no waste.

In other trials conducted with specialist export company, Fynbos Fine Foods in Cape Town, South Africa, head honcho Julian Abramson endorsed the process and technology saying: “This Disruptor technology is now the cutting edge of the food industry. We end up with no waste, sauces can cook for much less time because the only reason one would cook any product is to break down the cell structures. Using the DCD process way before starting the cooking, all the ingredients are broken down and locked together from the beginning. This also means there is a real potential to exclude the need to use starches or gums to prevent separation.

“We have been fortunate to achieve this in our trials and we have now ended up with a very fresh tasting product, with amazing natural colour, no preservatives and a 1- 2 year shelf life.

“I believe this new technology will change the way sauces, juices, soups, jams, salad dressings amongst others are made in the future. I am looking forward to being able to offer a better quality product at a lower price so that more people can enjoy our sauces.”

When asked why experiment with the Disruptor in the first place, Abramson explained that he had attended a talk given by Roy Henderson and his partner Jan Vlok (the inventors), and was intrigued by the thought of manufacturing in a novel way that could lead to quicker turnaround times, more yield (in his case between 40 to 70%) and for less.

Abramson has been clearly delighted with the results to date and has also extended the use of the Disruptor to his cooked sauces. Using this new process has meant that he has had to adjust his ingredient inclusion ratios as the effectiveness of the Disruptor leads to a ‘cooking multiplier’™ and increased food productivity™ and long-term food prosperity.

Green Cell Technologies manufactures for third parties through its subsidiary, Food Genie, in Cape Town, but also sells the Disruptor technology under license.

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About Green Cell Technologies

Green Cell Technologies is a global biotechnology and Intellectual Property Development Company specialising in formulating and building advanced solutions to world nutrition sustainability.

With a growing population and shrinking agricultural footprint, people are hungry and sick. Green Cell Technologies (GCT) overcomes the threat to food productivity through the use of its patented Disruptor™ machines and Dynamic Cellular Disruption® (DCD®) processes, which it sells under license to manufacturers and processors around the world.

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